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Donate to bring Orinda's Students Back on Campus Safely

Current Need: Air Filters in Every OUSD Classroom

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Help all of Orinda's students get back to campus

ONE Orinda is pleased to support the efforts of OUSD and AUHSD in transitioning students back to in person learning. These efforts require investment in additional tools and materials that were not anticipated in this year’s per student annual ask. OUSD and AUHSD will be reallocating funds towards these efforts, but need our help.

Current Need: In order for our students, teachers and staff to safely return to campus, OUSD will ensure that every classroom will have an air filter that will quickly and effectively clean and recirculate the air. Due to very limited district resources available for this essential need, OUSD is asking the Orinda community to partner in securing the necessary funds to purchase 175 filters at approximately $535 each.

Please donate to ONE Orinda’s Back-to-Campus Fund to ensure that all Orinda students, teachers, and staff have the technology and equipment required to safely return to the classroom.